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The Mountain Coach Academy

What is the Academy?

The Mountain Coach Academy is basically open to anyone who would like to develop their skills in either the Outdoors Adventure & Challenges division or the Health, Wellbeing & Coaching division or both!

I will provide opportunities for you to develop your skills and experience in these areas offering you advice, mentoring, training and coaching. At the same time you will be helping me and hundreds of other people.

At the very least you will gain valuable insight, skills and personal development which you can use for you own benefit and your own career, especially if you graduate from the Academy. Plus, if you do graduate there could be employment opportunities with The Mountain Coach.

There is no cost to you in joining the Academy and although you will not be paid you will be given special rates and discounts.

To graduate officially from the Academy you will need to pass a minimum of three modules within a six month period. You will then be awarded with an official Mountain Coach Graduation certificate.

The modules include any of the following:

  • Outdoor Awareness Skills
  • Outdoor Leadership Skills
  • Marketing & Promotional Skills
  • Workshop Presentation Skills
  • People Coaching Skills

How to join?

Simply get in touch by email ( and tell me why you would like to join the Academy. What are your main interests, where you live, what would you like to get out of the Academy and how you think you can help The Mountain Coach. If you have an update to date CV then please feel free to send this too.

I will then look to set up an initial meeting and we can go from there!