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FAQs & Trip Ratings

Trip Ratings

(1) Very Straightforward Hike – pretty much open to anyone, no experience required, generally a long walk but with many breaks so basically a beginners hike for all.

(2) Straightforward Hike – open to most people who enjoy the outdoors or want to experience a straightforward hike or mountain climb at a comfortable pace with many breaks.

(3) Moderate Hike – reasonable fitness levels required as typically a longer hike or climb with some breaks, possibly some easy scrambling, maybe tougher conditions but generally open to most people.

(4) Challenging Hike – good level of fitness required, hiking experience preferred but not essential. May include scrambling, some ridges, tougher conditions or against the clock.

(5) Very Challenging Hike – need to have certain experience and good fitness levels to do this. May include use of crampons and ice axe in winter, ridges, scrambling, up against the clock, etc. 


What are the costs and what is included?

There are usually 2 options on cost – one with transport included from Milton Keynes and one where you use your own transport. So a typical weekend trip may be £115 including transport or £85 if using your own. Also included is the hotel (typically a Premier Inn) on a twin share basis, although you can have your own double room for a £25 supplement. In addition you will be fully supervised and guided on all the walks, hikes and climbs. Food & drink not included.

Will we be safe?

Safety is always the number one priority. We will never take any unnecessary risks or do anything that would put the group in danger. Risk assessments are carried out along with over 10 years experience leading and managing groups plus a very high dose of common sense ensure your safety. In addition, the Mountain Coach (Charlie Wardle) is a qualified Mountain Leader (ML) and is fully qualified in Outdoor First Aid and there are always additional helpers and support on the trips.

How fit do you need to be?

It depends on which trip and challenge you would like to do. There is a trip ratings guide here (see above) and each trip has been rated. There is a wide range of trips for all levels of ability and most people are very capable of doing most of these trips and challenges. If in doubt please email for more advice.(

What clothes and equipment do I need?

This will depend on which trip and the weather and conditions at the time. However, a good pair of comfortable hiking boots is essential plus a small backpack. Waterproofs, base layer, fleece, etc plus hat and gloves. Generally comfortable layers but do not wear jeans! If in doubt please email for specific advice. Plus if you become a member you can get discounts.

Are there any age limits?

In general the trips are for adults, although children may be allowed if accompanied by an adult or with written permission from their parents. There is no official upper age limit. On a typical trip the ages can vary from 20 to 60 and a mix of men and women. However, please email if any specific questions.

Can I get a refund if I pull out?

Only if we can find replacements to fill your place. In some exceptional circumstances a refund or partial refund may be possible but as a general rule the answer is no. Most costs are paid for upfront so unless we fill the place we will lose money. I try to be as fair as possible so discounts on future trips may be offered. Please email if you have any specific questions.

What if the weather or conditions are really bad?

As stated above, safety is always first priority. So it is possible that routes are changed or hikes shortened but this will only be done if it is the right thing to do based on the conditions. The Lead Guide decision is always final and if anyone ignores this they can no longer be the guide's responsibility. Also, usually a few days before a trip, an updated email is sent out with advice on expected weather and conditions and any changes as to what to wear etc.