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About the Climb Your Mountain Charity

The Mountain Coach (Charlie Wardle) is the founder and a trustee and continues to support and work closely with the CYM Charity. Please read about the charity and get in touch if you think you could benefit, know anyone who might or if you want to help us! Please visit the website 

The Charity - Climb Your Mountain was set up in 2008 and aims to help anyone who may have their own personal mountain to climb in life, for whatever reason. In recent times, the charity has focused on providing outdoor opportunities to those who might not normally get to benefit from these activities in a safe and friendly way. The charity organises and leads a range of walks and hikes to various groups, charities, organisations, schools and the general public throughout the year.

Beneficiaries - the charity is open to anyone but we focus more on children and younger adults with disabilities. This could be, for example, learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorder, down's syndrome, hearing issues and cerebal palsey, though any disability is considered. We are open to working with other charities, groups, organisations, schools and colleges and we also organise our own events and activities. Most of the walks and hikes are in the North Wales area, where the charity is based, however, we are willing to put on activities anywhere.  So if interested at all then please get in touch.

Volunteers - we are always looking for potential volunteers who can help us in a variety of ways. This could include helping and assisting on the walks and hikes, helping to promote the charity and raise awareness or helping to fundraise. You may wish to do an event or challenge and raise money for our charity or you may know some people, groups or charities who could benefit from what we do. If you would like to volunteer in any way then please get in touch.

Facebook page - we have a Facebook page called Climb Your Mountain - CYM Charity

Contact - please email at

Website - please visit