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Personal Coaching

The Mountain Coach

Personal Coaching


I offer personal and confidential one-to-one coaching which can be done face-to-face, via skype or on the telephone. Coaching is an overall term I use that can include advice, support, mentoring, motivation and training.

Some of the common areas I cover include: stress, anxiety, depression, confidence, motivation, exercise, sleep, weight loss, healthy eating, financial issues, relationships, bereavement, physical challenges, business success and happiness.

Factors that could lead to issues or areas to work on may include relationships, divorce, work and career, bereavement, addictions, weight, other health issues or you simply don’t know but you do know you want your life to improve.

The coaching is available for anyone and will always be confidential. Please get in touch and email

Typically a session would be for one hour and pricing is per hour, although you can buy discounted bundles as per the drop down menu under hours.

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