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The Adventures of Biru and Dilip - The Helicopter Rescue Ride! (Personalised signed Copy)

The Mountain Coach

The Adventures of Biru and Dilip - The Helicopter Rescue Ride! (Personalised signed Copy)


My first illustrated children's book all about the adventures of two young boys who live and grow up in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal (inspired by the first two guides I met on my first trip to the Himalayas back in 2013). This first book is called 'The Helicopter Rescue Ride' where Biru and Dilip, whilst out on an adventure, come across a man with a broken leg and are able to get help for him. Not only do they rescue the man but they get to go in the helicopter all the way to Kathmandu - what an adventure!

The book is the first in a series (if all goes well!) of twenty different adventures and is aimed at children from 3 to 11 years old - 3 to 6 years a parent or older sibling would read it to them and for older children they could read it themselves.

I have self-published this book (which is expensive) so initially I hope just to recoup my costs... but this first special limited edition and personalised signed copy is set at a premium price because, you never know, in years to come it could be worth a lot of money!

**Please let me know if you want a special message in your signed copy**

The price structure is as follows:

  • 1 signed book (collection) - £9.99
  • 1 signed book (delivery, postage & packing) - £11.49
  • 2 signed books (delivery, postage & packing) - £20.99
  • 3 signed books (delviery, postage & packing) - £29.99

Thank you and please tell friends, family and colleagues....  let's get to see and read more about The Adventures of Biru and Dilip!

Best wishes


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